Fishers Landing Hypnotherapy

Have you ever heard someone say "You only use a small part of your brain" -- or -- "You only use about 10% of your brain"? Well, whether they realize it or not, that is true and false!  Whaaaat? Yep! The conscious mind is primarily responsible for about a 7-10% usage, but the unconscious mind is responsible for 90-93%. 

 Conscious Mind


Unconscious Mind

(aka Sub-conscious Mind

 So, how many times have you said to yourself "why, oh why is it so hard for me to (fill in blank) when I know I need to, want to, have to?  How often have you scolded yourself for not being able to get rid of thoughts, habits, pain, beliefs, or even people in your life, even though you really, really want to?  How much money and/or time have you spent trying to fight wanting that food, or cigarette, or to punch something, or to regularly take good care of your body?

How many?  Yeah, me too.  But, here's the good news ... your good ol' pain in the neck, conscious mind is the part of us that seems more in control, because we are aware of it when we're awake.  However, the unconscious mind actually holds a lot more puppet strings than the conscious mind does. 

Here's an example most folks can relate to.  You're conscious of your health, and want to try to fit in a bit more body movement, so you get a gym membership.  You know your gym is available to you, you have the clothes, the desire to look and feel better, and you know you can fit in even a little time to make it there.  Alas, another day goes by and your gym hasn't seen your smiling face.  Chances are, in between scolding yourself and justifying all the truly valid reasons that you didn't get there, your conscious mind is shouting over your unconscious mind's message to you. 

Your unconscious mind has your truth, and is honest yet kind in taking care of you mentally, physically and emotionally.  And your truth would probably be ... "I didn't want to go to the gym because...".

Hypnotherapy and NLP teach you how to recognize where your message is coming from (conscious or unconscious) and most importantly, to get the conscious and unconscious mind to communicate together.  The conscious mind (10%) is used to running the show when you're awake, but it doesn't always serve us best when we're awake!  Do you ever eat too much when you're sleeping?  Nope!  Do you smoke when you're asleep?  No, but you do sift through the mega-tons of data you've ingested that day.  Your unconscious mind (90-93%) efficiently files away any information you may need, and restores your mind and forgiving body for the next round.