Fishers Landing Hypnotherapy

4 Personalized Hypnotherapy Sessions w/CD             $400**

6 Personalized Hypnotherapy Sessions w/CD             $600**

** If you are able to pay for all sessions after your first completed session, a $100 discount is happily given! 

  •  Each session is approximately 60-90 minutes
  • A personalized CD of your hypnosis session is recorded and is yours to keep
  • You receive NLP skill sets with every session
  • 24 hour support is available via phone
  • One session every week or 10 days
  • If you are able to invest in your full package after the first session, a $100 discount is given

 Hypno FAQs pricing

*  In Washington State, your Hypnotherapist must be licensed with the WA State Department of Health as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

* Session rates and/or package rates are most reasonable at $100-200 per session.

* Many facilitators offer price breaks, sliding scale, and payment plans.


* Terry Conner, C.Ht., NLP is registered under provider #HP60133109

* Full session rates are $100 per session.

*Credit cards, personal checks with ID, and cash is accepted.

* A price break of $100 is given if a client choses to pay for all upcoming sessions in their package, after the first completed session.

Example -

4 sessions prepaid = $300

6 sessions prepaid = $500

* Continuing rate is offered, after completion of session package.


Areas of specialized service:



Weight Management

Post Traumatic Stress

Eating Disorders


Children w/Anger, Fear


Menopause Support

Addiction Support