Fishers Landing Hypnotherapy - Anxiety and Depression

"I look happy, but I feel sad inside."

"I put on a brave front, but I have such a hard time with panicky feelings."

You don't have to go through life battling depression. You don't have to let fear control your life. Take your power back!

Anxiety and Depression

Certainly anxiety and depression seem to go hand in hand in most life scenarios.

Anxiety is a fear based thought process that provides a cocktail of emotions which may all interchangeably represent fear, anger, despondency, pain, etc.

Depression represents an emotional deprivation of resolution of those feelings.

In hypnotherapy, you find the needed resolution within, using your subconscious and unconscious rationale to assist you toward resolution. Again, being completely under your own control, your unconscious mind will not allow you to re-injure or re-experience any emotionally harmful experiences in this resolution process, which is often why we don’t understand our fears or sadness. Through the use of therapeutic facilitation, often from a psychologically observant perspective, one is able to achieve freedom and understanding of the anxiety and/or depression associated with life’s experiences.