Fishers Landing Hypnotherapy - Who is Terry Conner, C.Ht. ?

 Terry Conner

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Practitioner NLP

I originally became interested in hypnosis when I decided to be smoke free.

I have been in private practice since November 2009 and every day, I look forward to watching my clients free themselves of unwanted behaviors, thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  I am passionate about working as a client centered provider.  Hypnotherapy is about YOU, not me.

With the many benefits that I have obtained, personally and professionally through hypnosis and NLP, it comes as no surprise to see the continual and growing perception worldwide that hypnosis is a vital means of aid to physical, mental and emotional health! And, I can tell you that when life gets a bit busy and I am not reinforcing my own positive unconscious processes with hypnosis, I sometimes feel out of step with the dance of life. The good news is, it only takes about 15-20 minutes to get back in step! That's right, you too will achieve success in whichever areas of goal attainment you desire, to discover your own peace of mind and body, simply by relaxing regularly to your personalized hypnosis CDs and practicing your NLP skills. 

With enthusiasm to facilitate to your unique needs, I offer you my services of assistance.  

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I had the honor of being featured in The Columbian newspaper weekly column "Working in Clark County" this February! Click on the "Working in Clark County" button  >>>>>>  to read the article.