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Woo hoo! It's SPRING! April in the Pacific Northwest is so gladly anticipated by so many of us who are picked up out of the doldrums by the warming temperature and sunshine.

It's also the time of year we feel more active! We begin clearing out closets and garages, preparing our gardens, and we begin our outdoor exercise regimen. One thing is for sure, the freshness and hope of Spring helps a lot of folks with depression and inactivity. However, we sometimes set our sights pretty high and get waaaay ahead of the game with ideas of dieting, dictatorial exercise expectations, and sometimes, we just don't get why we still feel stuck in a rut when the sun is beckoning us to brighten our moods.

Well, think about this, friends ... plants do not grow overnight, right? We prepare soil, plant seeds, feed the sprout, and give that life some space to grow. In time, we harvest or simply enjoy the result of the patiently practiced cycle of growth.

Remember to be patient with yourself, as you easily and naturally would be patient with a flower. Prepare your mind and body with loving, positive thoughts about your metamorphosis and see clearly what you want. Nurture your mind and body with the healthy nutrition of pure whole foods, hypnosis, dreams of your healthy, happy future, and self love.

Using the benefit of skill building and support with personalized hypnotherapy, will get you there before you know it! Call today for your free consultation and introductory CD!

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Fishers Landing Hypnotherapy is conveniently located right off SR 14 in Parkway Plaza

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Often in our lives we find times when we are in need of help,

or answers, or skills to assist us on our life’s journey.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective and popular methods used today.

Effective, by using soothing relaxation techniques to comfortably guide your wide-awake, conscious mind to a mental state; enabling your unconscious mind to seek resolution to problematic issues or behaviors that you want to amend.

Popular, as you are always completely in control, learning to use your own instinctual faculties to resolve and empower yourself into peace, motivation, and health.  In addition, Hypnotherapy is very affordable.

My job, as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is simply to facilitate skills through relaxation and positive perspective to assist you in reaching your goals, resolving issues that no longer serve you resourcefully, and to help you achieve that peace of mind and peace of body that you deserve.